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Graphic Design Mistake #1 – Your website is not responsive (mobile ready)

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Why it’s bad: More and more customers are viewing your website on some type of mobile device. If you are not sure if this is happening with your website, ask your web designer or web master to pull the data for you. (If your website is not tracking this data, find new web support).  Bottom line – if your website cannot be clearly and comfortably viewed on a mobile device, it won’t be read.

How to fix it: At this point it’s not cutting-edge to have a mobile-responsive website (meaning your website knows when it’s been viewed on a mobile device and the format changes to be easy viewed and navigated on a mobile device).

These days, your website must be mobile–ready. If your client has to try to make your site legible on a tablet or smart phone to read it, you most likely have lost a customer. First, because you created a hardship in them learning about you. Secondly, because if your website is not updated, you come across as a dinosaur in the business world. One thing you must ALWAYS remember is that your web presence is who you are. Zenith Clipping is a professional clipping path company in Bangladesh with more than 150 Photoshop professionals. We help studios, photographers, and e-commerce store owners edit photos. We are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company in Bangladesh serving since 2010. First impressions are very important.

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