Whether you are a start-up or established business, we have the experience and talent to create graphic designs that attract customers in your market.

Graphic Design – Your Branding Matters

At KW Photography & Design, we like clean, original design. Our team uses the KISS principle: Keep it Simple and Straightforward (bet you thought I wasn’t going to say something else, didn’t you)?

Our simple and straightforward approach.

For over 15 years our simple and straightforward approach has produced amazing designs that our clients and their customer love. Great design is a combination of art and technical knowledge. Just because software programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign can do crazy effects, does not mean you should always use them. They should be used indiscriminately and when a project (or client) calls for it.  A great designer isn’t focused on gimmicks, they focused on bringing out the best of your brand in way that makes you and your company memorable.

Ultimately, a design must represent the core of who you are and what your business represents. Clean design helps keep the information readable and not cluttered. There is a time and a place for effects and enhancements, but when the whole page is jumping at you, it can be overwhelming.

At KW Photography & Design, we follow that philosophy and keep the focus of the design, whether it’s Print Design, Branding and Logo Design, or Website Design, on one major thought so your audience is clear on the primary message.

We Offer

Print Design Services

Outstanding print design is not just for big companies. KW Photography & Design provides top-notch graphic design work for entrepreneurs, small business, and of course, big companies too.  Ideally, your print materials are working hard to generate revenue for you. That’s why it’s worth it to design them properly. Quality materials deliver better results.

Fully Responsive Web Design 

Online customers make buying decisions largely based on the visual appeal and content of your website, digital ads, and social network profiles. If you cannot be found or understood, potential clients will move on to your competitors. Is your online presence impressing prospects and converting them into customers?

Brand Design Services

Is your brand unique and consistent? At times new clients come to us with a hodgepodge of clip art logos, generic business cards, and template-based marketing collateral that are either identical or similar to what their competition is using. We understand that when you launch your business, you need to start somewhere. However, the sooner you can develop your own unique branding, your marketing efforts will be more memorable and effective.


Anytime you are ready, contact us to discuss your needs. We gladly provide a confidential, no-obligation phone consultation. Let’s talk and discover what we can design for you today.